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Monday, February 26, 2007

Interested in interior design or home decoration?


  • The majority of urban households have fast Internet connections.
  • Many people, perhaps women especially, display considerable interest in interior and exterior home decoration.
  • Both digital cameras and digital (drawing) tablets are affordable to a lot of these same people.
  • Even art schools use computers today use computers for producing art works. Of course they use Macs and most people have PCs but this is of no huge importance, in consideration of the next factor.
  • More and more good quality graphics software is available at no cost; for instance, I just noticed the arrival of inkscape today for doing vector graphics.

    Getting started:

  • Acquire the facilities: camera, tablet, some basic software.
  • Gain skills in processing photographs of rooms, buildings, landscapes.
  • Learn something about the basics of building materials, plumbing, electrical, etc.

    There are a few ways that someone could participate in the market for services in this area:

  • Partner with contractors, cabinetmakers, etc to do kitchen and bath design.
  • Offer design services to homeowners, office managers, and others.
  • Use services to sell bath and kitchen appliances, wall coverings, etc.
  • Work with software developers to improve their offerings or to offer endorsements.
  • Establish a web presence—a blog, say—and become an acknowledged expert: sell advice.

    [First published on the mail list in response to a query.]