Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do. : Oscar Wilde

Monday, May 7, 2007

Career trajectory for younger career developers

Even people who are creative performers are not necessarily creative about finding gigs and negotiating contracts. Hence the need for theatrical agents. In a similar way, lots and lots of people who perform well in their jobs find it challenging to create their own resumes or to speak for themselves to employers. Yet we are told that there will be fewer and fewer jobs in future and, therefore, that there will be more and more need for individuals to market themselves--or be marketed--repeatedly. If this is true then it represents a siginificant opportunity for career developers.

The existing niche for career developers who want to learn to market other people is the occupation know as job developer. At the present time most job developers are funded by government sources. One way to play the trend in the economy just indicated would be to learn the "trade" as a job developer and then to become, in effect, an agent for some class of occupations that has hitherto been unrepresented, in somewhat the way that theatrical agents now represent actors and film directors. Thus a career developer would gain knowledge and experience at public cost then move into a career in the private sector.

[I published this post first on 7 February, on an earlier version of this blog which has since become inaccessible from my dashboard.]