Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do. : Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Friendlier Career Resource Rooms for Men

I won't trouble to try to defend my sex against all of those jokes about our unwillingness to ask directions when we're lost in our cars. As Tom Golder puts it in one of his articles about dealing with grief, "When anyone confronts a problem that has no solution he or she will often feel lost. When a woman feels lost, she tends to ask for help. When a man feels lost, he looks for maps." [italics mine]

In a different context Paco Underhill (Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping) seems to be referring to the same basic masculine propensity when he mentions that men are more willing to shop in stores that post comparisons and other information that they can read for themselves. (And he has a lot of interesting things to say to retailers who want to attract female shoppers too.)

Yet most career resource centres that I have seen seem to depend mainly on the spoken word, and on a client's willingness to request help. It's true, they often display posters exhorting job seekers to improve their knowledge of computers or to gain literacy skills. However, in the main, short basic tutorial information about how to use computer systems, how to write marketing documents, when classes will be held and so on is largely missing.

Let's put more written stuff on walls. It will actually save time and effort, and improve efficiencies.