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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Supporting clients with

When you've done some research on behalf of a client where can you put the results? You could send them an email. You could even send them an email with the results as an attachment. However, if you update the research or suggestions more than once or twice the series of emails will soon become confusing (possibly for both of you!).

Consider as an alternative: Open an account for your exclusive, personal use, for all of your clients. When you need to begin recording research for a client create a new folder for that client. (I often use a folder name consisting of the person's surname and first initial separated by an underscore.) For each separate item of research for the client create one notefish note and copy text or URLs into the note and add an appropriate title. Now share the folder (see "shared" at the top of the page) and give the client the full name of their folder. Whenever you modify the contents of the client's folder significantly just call or email to let them know.

Part of a typical notefish client folder appears above. The URLs are all "live". In face, if you create a collection of searches for your client on, say, the Job Bank then you can copy them into a notefish note and then the client can rerun them every day or two from notefish, without the need to reconstruct them repeatedly. Meanwhile, all or most of the other strategy that you have agreed with you client are visible to them right there on the notefish page.


-- said...

Great little tool for clients that have difficulty searching the web. Thanks Bill!


Rob said...

Thanks for your contributions in this area Bill, these types of tools provide excellent support for us and our clients! Rob