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Friday, July 27, 2007

Where Can Clients Store Resumes?

Many counselling agencies have their clients saving their résumés on diskettes. This has always caused a certain amount of trouble what with diskettes becoming defective and diskettes being forgotten in drives by clients, and so on. What might finally end this practice is the fact that manufacturers are, in many cases, no longer shipping new computers that are equipped with diskette drives. So: where should clients save their résumés?

One option would be to equip each computer intended for use by clients with a CD writer. However, as we will indicate here, this would be an unnecessary expense provided that the computer is provided with an Internet connection.

A solution that is more convenient than using a CD writer is to use one of the free services like In fact, one can use for storing relatively small, complete files of any kind, including cover letters and portfolio items such as photos and sample documents. The client simply accesses to create their own account (for which they will need a valid email address) and, once they have done that, the basic operations of storing and retrieving files are quite straightforward. The service on is especially valuable to clients without their own computers at home because is equipped with word processing facilities that apply to MS Word-type documents. Using thes storage and processing facilities, and the client's own email account, it should usually be possible for the client to apply for jobs even from places that must offer fairly restrictive access such as public libraries.

It must be said that is not as easy to use as a diskette. BUT, at this point in history, for the number of applications that a job seeker must usually submit to land a job it's probably worth learning the drill.


Dave said...

Another great article Bill. We are having those same problems you mentioned in the earlier part of your blog about the diskettes. We encourage clients to e-mail their resumes and cover letters to their web sites but sometimes they cannot access certain e-mail sites. This way at least they can get easy access to their information.

Thanks so much for posting this information on your blog Bill. It is a big help to counsellors like me.

Dave Moore
Employment Support Worker

Bill Bell said...

Dave, you are most welcome. - Bill