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Friday, July 6, 2007

Word-indexed and sorted list of Job Bank jobs

A couple of months ago I posted an item about making jobs listing easier for job seekers to use. An updated version of the series of listings presented in that posted is available here, updated more or less daily. They are for the area extending from Brantford, Ontario through the Niagara peninsula.

The job vacancies are grouped by Canadian NOC codes in the column on the right. The column on the left consists, first of all, of an alphabetised list of the words drawn from the job titles that appear in the right column. Under each of the words is the list of job titles in which the word appears. For example, on most days there are jobs for apprentices. By scanning down the list of words in the left column to "apprentice" one can find a complete list of the jobs whose titles mention this word. Click on one of the titles and the entry corresponding to it will appear in the right column. Click again on the title, in the right column this time, and the entire advertisement from the Job Bank will be displayed in a new window.

The motivation behind offering the alphabetised list of words is that it might suggest previously unthought-of occupational possibilities to job seekers. Once a suitable job title has been identified using the righthand list and the job title clicked all of the vacancies in the same NOC category will be found adjacent to it in the left list. The purpose of this arrangement is to save job seekers time that could better be spent networking and marketing themselves.

Let me know what you think!


Dave said...

Hi Bill:

I just read your blog on "Word-indexed and sorted list of Job Bank jobs." I just want to say that was an amazing site. I am an Employment Support Worker in Peterborough and I would love to see our Centre have a site like that. It would be so much easier and useful for our clients to access when conducting their job search. Congratulations on a great site and continued success with your other ventures Bill

Dave Moore