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Monday, October 8, 2007

Disheartened Disabled Client

One of my current clients is someone who has suffered a workplace accident that has rendered the client much less mobile than they were before. The client is troubled, in part, about how the injury has limited the range of occupations open to them. Although another agency had conducted the Holland SDS on this individual, and even outlined which sections of the 'Job Finder' pamphlet might be most suitable, as a result of one comment by the counsellor in that agency, the client remains more or less convinced that they are being relegated to work in what they find an unappealing collection of occupations.

One would like to be able to make it more obvious to clients like this when alternatives exist that might be of interest.

With this in mind the Job Bank listing now enables a user to enter a Holland code in the form area shown above and then search NOC categories for all possible matches. Once the software identifies matches it indicates the number of them, having highlighted the matches themselves with bright yellow.

Note: Holland codes are unavailable in the 'Job Finder' for certain NOC codes. When the software finds this condition it attempts to suggest Holland codes using nearby occupations. These suggestions are labelled 'possible'.