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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wanna Find Every Job Site in Canada?

I just learned something about Google from eGrabber. It's about the Google 'allinanchor' tab. If you want a really humongous collection of pages relating to jobs then use the following search string:

allinanchor: jobs

If you're interested in just the pages in Canada then don't forget to select 'pages from Canada'. Lotsa niche sites as well as the big ones.

Interested in jobs in the Rockies? Try searching for rockies within the results from the query just mentioned.

Or do

allinanchor: careers


allinanchor: employment

I can't believe this! No more adding to one's list of job sites by onesies and twosies.


-- said...

You are amazing. That's great, Bill.

Bill Bell said...

Thanks, Ken. There are still things to learn about Google apparently.

Manikandan said...

Hi .nice blog.I am HR of a well-developing concern.I need to post jobs .can anybody

suggest best way..
thank you............

Bill Bell said...

manikandan, I have only just read your comment (2008-02-24). Please email me. - Bill