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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Job Bank News Feeds Available

Although the Job Bank has made it possible to generate RSS feeds for jobs for quite a long time, I'm not sure that the average seeker finds the facility at all easy to use. As a matter of fact, someone in support told me a day or two ago that their RSS feeds had been temporarily withdrawn, and that the decision to do this might have had something to do with the difficulty that people have in setting up feeds.

I hope that this is not true of the feeds offered here. But you and your clients should judge for yourselves.

When you subscribe to the feed for Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara (say) you will be updated daily, at least, on weekdays about new jobs in that geographical area. The graphic shows how the feed is displayed in the Google Reader. It indicates that 108 jobs have appeared on the feed since yesterday. The nice thing about this is that you and your clients have only to peer through a limited number of offerings to find new vacancies, and they are sorted so that similar jobs appear together. For the time being the jobs are labelled with their NOC numbers, and sorted by NOC number (as just mentioned), and the short summaries provide compensation and location detail to the extent that this is made available in the Job Bank ads. The full Job Bank ads are available via links in the one-line summaries. Click on 'JobBank feed ...' in the slightly larger font above the list to go to the complete list of Job Bank jobs for the area, sorted by NOC and word-indexed (as described in previous blog entries).

They are available here. I won't go into detail about how to subscribe because I don't know what software career development people are using to read blogs. Please write to me and I will do what it takes to get you subscribed.

For the moment, only the feeds for geographical areas with smaller numbers of vacancies work with the Google Reader. This leaves out Toronto and the area between Toronto and Hamilton just now. I'm working on that!

Please let me know your experiences, inclusing frustrations.


-- said...

If every organization had a Bill Bell on staff, we'd all be more effecient in our use of technology.

RSS feeds also a save a ton of time by not having to visit each site. Thanks for introducing me to RSS Feeds and convincing me to use them, Bill.

Bill Bell said...

They're a thing of beauty. Glad I was able to help.