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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Other Google: Career Videos

Of course the 'Other Google' to which I refer is Yahoo. I've been looking for videos about employment and careers recently, mostly using the built-in search engines at YouTube and WatchMojo, then remembered the feature feature of Yahoo.

Whoa! This is nice.

If you drop this query into Yahoo

jobs OR employment OR career feature:video

you will receive quite a big collection of pages that somehow include videos in association with those keywords. As usual, most of the stuff is utter dross but I did find one good American site after only a few seconds: career onestop Career Videos. I counted about 545 videos for a very wide variety of occupations and the one I checked seemed quite good.

I wanted to see what I might find that would relate more directly to Canadian markets so I flipped to Yahoo's advanced search page, moved the keywords into the 'any of these words' edit box, leaving 'feature:video' in the 'all of these words' edit box, and selected 'Canada' from the list at 'Country.' I found some here too. Here's a sample:
So don't forget Yahoo.