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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Don't Have to Tell ME Twice!

Actually, that's a lie. In most cases I need to see or hear something several times before I finally get it through my head. That's always been a big shortcoming of spoken lectures and conferences for me.

Surely I'm not alone? And then there are lots of people who would simply rather hear or see something than read it.

As career developers we spend considerable time speaking to people, inducing people to speak to each other when we facillitate groups, and pushing sheafs of paper under client noses for them to read. Now some of the things we do cannot be automated and cannot be 'canned.' However, much of what we present is definitely not rocket science1 and is available, in video form, in several places. is an obvious place to look. Today I tried using youtube's own advanced search facility but couldn't seem to get the collection of essential items I wanted. I therefore resorted to my old friend, google.

Here's the query I formulated:

employment OR resume "finding a job" OR "job hunting" OR "cover letter"

Google gave me what appears to be a reasonable set of items. Having reviewed a few of the initial ones I would say that they espouse opinions common to many career developers. Here's one of the videos that seems fine to me: Writing Your Resume Cover Letter

Of course the big problem that many of our clients have is in formulating their ideas for cover letters and resumes on paper. However, if we could start by having them review what information and thoughts they need to collect in preparation for these writing tasks then our time spent with them on this work might be more productive.

Career developers might also begin to share lists of videos that seem particularly good, or that seem to offer the greatest support to clients.

1Let me acknowledge my indebtedness to Rob Straby for this observation, made during one of his classes that I attended at Conestoga College.


C. L. Cotton said...

What would I do without your telling me twice about resources for career development practitioners! " A Career Developers Notes' is a 'best friend' always a welcoming smile, a cup of coffee,and there with his wisdom to share when you need him. Thanks, Bill.

Bill Bell said...

My day has been a lot better for your encouragement! Thanks, Carole.