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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Marketing Job Seekers

If you are interested in marketing, advertising and sales then Seth Godin writes a blog that you will want to read every day for inspiration. I do. A day or two ago he republished What do you know? which, AFAIAC, is a mother lode of good stuff about marketing. I'm going to dip into it from time to time for this blog, starting today, to explore how Godin's ideas apply to the task of marketing job seekers.

Here's one maxim that you might find useful from Godin's collection:

Living and breathing an authentic story is the best way to survive in an conversation-rich world.

I can think of two ways of using this idea without much effort:

  • Being dumped from a job is no picnic and, until we come to terms with it some of us have a way of sounding as if we're suppressing truly Wagnerian emotions when we speak to prospective employers. One approach to this problem involves working towards creating a bullet-proof, true story about what happened. The result might be the size of a novel by Tolstoy but we would not usually tell all to an employer. The main idea is to know what's authentic in order to be able to speak out of that truth.

  • The other way is probably more obvious. When we develop marketing materials with or for clients we need to begin with an adequate understanding of the client's life story and how the plot line seems to be developing. Authentic is authentic but what constitutes a readable, comprehensible story seems to me to be a matter of culture. Godin touches on that too.

Here's a video of Seth Godin speaking at Take a look at the other interesting people there too! Steven Pinker caught my eye and I couldn't resist starting to read his books.

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