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Monday, May 26, 2008

What Do Employers Ask For?: Sales Clerks

The previous post indicated that the greatest number of job vacancies on the Job Bank in April was in NOC category 6421. There were 107 advertised vacancies there. Why don't we ask ourselves what 'Specific Skills' employers were asking of applicants.

To answer this question I gleaned the complete list of 'Specific Skills' entries from April's advertisements and split the list for each advertisement (at the commas in them) to yield sets of individual specific skills. Then I counted those individual specific skills. Here are the results.

81 Customer service oriented
53 Provide advice about merchandise
51 Suggestive selling
Operate cash register
46 Set up displays of merchandise in windows or display cases
45 Work with minimal supervision
Process money
cheque and credit/debit card payment
25 Suggest ways to care for goods
11 Operate computerized inventory record keeping and re-ordering systems
10 Provide cost estimates on materials
9 Arrange for repairs to products or equipment
8 Promote and sell memberships
4 Provide advice on home entertainment systems and other electronic equipment
Provide information on computers and associated equipment
2 trade-in allowances
warranties and delivery dates
Negotiate credit terms
Perform minor repairs to products or equipment
1 Provide advice on wedding plans/services

I cannot say whether this list adds anything new to our knowledge of the requirements for these jobs. It does, however, indicate something about their shares of mind for employers. In short, most want people who can work well with customers and, not surprisingly, operate cash registers and other payment systems smoothly.