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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ontario Registered Nurses' 'Understanding Crisis'

If your experience of working with job seekers is at all like mine you have found that a significant fraction of them display what appear to be signs of crisis (to me anyway). If your experience of life is anything like mine then you have found that considering career objectives can be much harder or almost impossible when something like this happens.

Janet Lovegrove is a Registered Nurse who teaches various topics including crisis intervention. I asked her what she might be able to tell me about it and, in addition to a textbook recommendation, she pointed me toward the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario's site. I found the two-page guide pictured to the right there.

You might consider posting a copy of this guide somewhere in your resources room where job seekers will notice it. I find it especially valuable for us as CDPs inasmuch as it mentions job loss specifically as one of the events that can result in crisis.

Visit the RNAO crisis page for more extensive documents.