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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Client Marketing

When the majority of employers function as recruiters they behave more like customers (or, more evocatively, like shoppers) than like managers. Accordingly it makes good sense to the bear the basic theory of value propositions in mind when creating a marketing plan and marketing documents such as résumés with a job seeker.

According to wikipedia on customer value proposition:

A value-proposition should contain at least five elements:
  1. current situation (including problems, causes and effects)
  2. target situation
  3. when to reach the target situation
  4. cost of reaching the target situation and opportunity cost analysis
  5. the benefits of both the targeting and the achievement phases
Of course many an employer will ask a candidate what they know about the enterprise. The employer wants to feel that the candidate understands the employer's predicament. Conversely, an especially attractive candidate will not need to be told what the employer's targets are.

Since the candidate is offering a complete proposition to an employer they should be able to indicate an awareness of timing. For example, the employer might want to know what they can do to deal with possible short-term backlogs or the absence of a long-term plan. The candidate must also show how previous results and skills will take the employer from their current situation to the target situation.

Having written this, just remember : Don't be downhearted. There are lots of good résumés and lots of bad ones. Many that are good don't get jobs, many that are bad do.