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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does Everybody Do This?

The image to the left shows my own suitability ratings on Career Cruising for the occupation of Bereavement Counsellor. Whenever I use this instrument with a client I find myself using significant time discussing how the ratings systems can be manipulated (if desired) and how any one of the items in the instrument might interact with an overall result. Is this what you find?

Here's an example. I responded to the item "Coping with unpleasant or upsetting situations" with a somewhat lukewarm "Like". I did this because none of the situations I though of as I was responding involved me in a supportive role. I would be interested in watching for an opportunity to provide help but would not get the true high of being there and meant to help. However, selecting this option for this item would reduce the rank for this occupation for me. Again, what I'm pointing out is that, although I find Career Cruising very useful, it's worth re-examining responses to individual items in the light of overall patterns that the instrument may have exposed for the client.

And this is where the instrument really shines because one can change the response to an individual item and it will re-assess the subject. By changing just one item at a time a careful subject can begin to form intuitions about the various factors that are influencing their career evaluations and they are provided with a neat series of prioritised list of occupations that are clearly within the control of their own preferences. There is also lots of room for career developers to add value.