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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Targeting Contacts for Information Interviews

We have been working with a client who is exploring various possibilities based on her Career Cruiser results. One interesting career possibility for her would be that of Child and Youth Worker (CYW). Gratifyingly, she is willing to pursue some information interviews to learn what employers might expect and require of her. Here's one item that we have prepared to help her to do this. It's a list of employers that have advertised for one or more CYWs in certain broad geographical areas in recent months categorised by municipal area, prepared from Job Bank advertisements.

Baltimore, Ontario
Guelph, Ontario
Hamilton Downtown / Flamborough / Dundas, Ontario
The Community Adolescent Network of Hamilton
YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington
Life-Center Foster Homes
The Salvation Army - Grace Haven
Hamilton area, Ontario
Banyan Community Services
Kitchener, Ontario
Pioneer Youth Services
Lindsay & Little Britain, Ontario
Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes
Lindsay, Ontario
Hawk Residential Care and Treatment Homes Inc.
Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Boys and Girls Club of Niagara
Norwood, Ontario, Ontario
Oakwood and Lindsay, Ontario
Hawk Residential Care and Treatment Homes Inc.
Oakwood, Ontario
Hawk Residential Care and Treatment Homes Inc.
Ospringe, Ontario
Peterborough, Ontario
Phoenix Residential Treatment Services
Toronto North, Ontario
Dorvict Home and Health Care Services (Placement Agency)
Toronto, Ontario
Storey Homes Ltd
Waterloo, Ontario
Pioneer Youth Services
Saint Monica House
Welland, Ontario
Banyan Community Services
Family and Children's Services Niagara
Our client now has a sample of employers to call. With other information that we will also supply that includes summaries of credentials that employers expect and of the "Other Information" portion of the Job Bank ads—and some practice interviews—our client should be well prepared to find out all she wants to know during her interviews.