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Monday, September 1, 2008

... and then there's Cultural Humility

Here's the article by Rob McInnes that introduced me to the basic idea just this morning. At this very early point in my study of this area I sense that the exercises in self-reflection offered in one of the articles cited by McInnes would make a useful complement to any competence one might have in understanding one or more other cultures.


Johnny Eleven said...

The idea of culture as a powerful determinant of individual behaviour is itself an example of stereotyping. No one acts in accordance with every value of his culture. Immigrants in particular often leave their home cultures to go to a country whose culture they find more attractive (where their daughters are allowed to go to school, for example). Instead of treating people as examples of cultures, why not treat them as individuals?

The idea of cultural humility seems to me to imply that people are problems that can be solved if you only know what culture they're from. Well, I know lots of people from Canadian culture, and I haven't solved any of them yet.