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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fashionable? a la mode? Stylish? Um ...

Trendy! That's the word I'm looking for.

As career developers we are supposed to have good strong noses for trends. The essential idea is obviously to enable us to discuss our clients’ futures with them.

But some of us need a jump start to see trends, and I am one of those. Fortunately I’ve just found a good place to watch for advice. It’s Monthly and annual briefings are free (they will even send you email alerts or you can get the RSS feed) and you can review previous briefings.

Clearly something that you can share with clients themselves. Darned interesting!


C. L. Cotton said...

All reviewed the site and now I need a course in linking these trends to issues facing career development professionals and/or their clients. Definitely a potential open weekend in knowcoach if you're interested.

Bill Bell said...

Sure, C.L. Let's talk! I'll contact you privately.