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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting Enough Stuff to Read

Although vast quantities of advice about résumés, preparing for interviews, searching for jobs and so on are available to job seekers on the ‘net or in public libraries little is easily available to career developers. Much of the literature that would be valuable to us is present only in university libraries or upon payment at the sites of periodicals publishers. When I finally became sufficiently frustrated at being unable to read some of Savickas’ work a couple of days ago I decided to see what might be done. Here’s an initial result, the Google Scholar immediately available highlighter.

It's a Greasemonkey script for the Mozilla Firefox browser that highlights items in a Google Scholar search result that should be available immediately at no charge. Just click and read. Clearly you can’t expect to read all of Savickas’ work with it. However, you might expect to find enough to form a useful impression of what he has said.

Here’s a sample portion of Google Scholar results:

Items that are immediately available are in 150% font. In this case they are both from ERIC. The script also notices when PDF, DOC, HTML or similar files are made available.

Incidentally, my thanks are due to Patti Stirling of the Hamilton employment community for introducing me to Firefox in the first place a few years ago. (I'm a stick in the mud.)