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Thursday, November 27, 2008

You Might Find Meaning in Your Current Job

Although I have not taken the time to unearth any statistics about it a lot of people are unhappy in their jobs. One strategy that these unhappy people often adopt is to seek a change of occupation. Magnusson (1992) advises career developers to discuss any change with clients but clearly this kind of change could carry some important implications. When I first read Peavy's (1997) ideas about reframing and reconstructing a client's perceptions about their place in the world by exploring new or altered meanings I rather wondered whether I could meet the challenge of learning yet another body of abstruse theory. I was enormously relieved when I started reading examples of counselling outcomes in which worthwhile results were achieved that did not require pages of explanation.

Constructivism as it applies to careers has to do with supporting clients in finding ways of making what they do, or might do, meaningful within frames of reference that they create for themselves. Not everyone will need to find a different job or a different occupation. Most of us could benefit from seeing some aspect of our lives in some more constructive way.

That's why I was so interested to read "Revisit the Joys of Your Job" today. I have not read any of the original accounts--and I have suppressed any questions I might have about a possible Hawthorne effect for the time being. It just looks like a very interesting approach.

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