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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hosting an "Open Weekend" at KnowCoach

Having spent a long time working in IT I am aware of the vast breadth and depth of information available to practitioners in that arena of work. In contrast, although much guidance is offered for people who want to create resum├ęs or to prepare for job interviews (say) there is almost nothing for those of us who want to become better career development practitioners.

I believe that a partial answer to this knowledge vacuum involves more frequent active sharing of information and ideas and, just as important, the recording of this stuff for re-use.

<rant ends here>

30 January (Friday) through 1 February (Sunday) : come and join me and other career developers, this time for an ...

Exchange of Information About Online Assessment Instruments
  • Share advice and information about free and commercial online assessment instruments.
  • I will demonstrate a novel approach to the creation on online cardsorts that can be applied in a wide variety of contexts that you might find interesting (or not)—that doesn't use any cards.
  • Let's try to accumulate enough information to begin building an article in Wikipedia!
Just register on if you have not already done so and then register on this Open Weekend. You can drop by at any time from noon (PST) on the Friday through noon (PST) on the Sunday. Bring something. Take something. Ask a question. Whatever.