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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No One True Reality

"There is no one true reality - rather, individual interpretations of the world."

I just read that quotation from the work of Clements & Battista at "Constructivism. Putting the social into e-learning". In the context of career development I would say that there is no one true occupation, or set of true occupations, for any individual. Rather it is for the individual to navigate a life career that has meaning for her or him, taking into account both work and all other aspects of life.

The entire article is well worth reading. However, what really caught my eye was the author's proposal for a personal learning environment (PLE), especially as it was supported by a good video. Wendy Drexler's video sketches a PLE built up of the current technological tools, notably RSS readers. In the area of employment I have been working on the clear parallel to PLEs like this, where various RSS feeds and other resources are made conveniently available to all so that they can configure their own career exploration environments. In this constructivist model part of the role of the career developer would be to support clients in using the tools as well as with using the techniques already associated with constructivist practice.

The recent blog about making an filtered feed for was just about the nuts and bolts of this enterprise.