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Monday, December 29, 2008

Setting Up a Job Seeker's Work Bench, I

So why would a job seeker want or need a work bench?
  • To avoid making mistakes that could cost us a job or a better job offer.
  • Because details make some of us crazy.
  • To make the whole job seeking project more manageable.
  • To leave time for lots of networking and creative effort—and others areas of life that will keep us healthy.
What facilities must a work bench include?
  • Calendar for recording networking calls to be made, appointments, deadlines, not to mention public holidays and personal obligations.
  • An email client for submitting job applications and other correspondence.
  • Word processing program for preparing resumés, covering letters and other marketing documents.
  • Simple contact management system for recording information about networking contacts, recruiters, supervisory and other personnel in potential employers, people who might provide references, etc.
  • An organised place to store job advertisements and all items that have been sent in response to those advertisements.
  • A place to store a few versions of one's resumé for use in responding to any given opportunity.
  • Web browser.
  • RSS feed reader (yes, really).
  • Printer for making networking cards (optional).
Additional desirable facilities
  • A place for storing an ePortfolio would be great. It would replace, or largely replace a cache of alternative resumés. However, that discussion is beyond the scope of this first blog item.
Assumptions for subsequence articles(s) in this series
  • Windows platform
  • Basic skills on the part of job seekers: email, word processing, file selection and so on.
  • No grand expectations about software capabilities on the part of job seekers such as sales personnel might have for their contact management programs!
  • These suggestions are meant to be very down to earth.
Please tell me if they are not.


Wain said...

Hi Bill...
Great idea but I think the first thing you need to do is explain what a job seekers workbench is.
Maybe I'm losing touch with the lingo but it is not a term I hear used but it is a great concept.
I actually do something similar to this when I promote using the suite of free Google tools for job seekers and entrepreneurs. I call it the TechToolKit. Patti

Bill Bell said...

Thanks, Patti. I will try to explain that.