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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wanna Make a Cardsort on the Web?

This video clip shows a web page based on the "Personal Values Card Sort" of W.R. Miller et al, of the University of New Mexico (2001). These authors indicates that their "instrument is in the public domain and may be copied adapted and used without permission".

Anyone who plays Solitaire/Patience or Freecell on his computer knows that software capable of providing animated card sorts on the screen is nothing new. What some folks may not be aware of is just how easy it has become to produce many different card sorts and to provide them either on stand-alone computers or via the web.

To come straight to the point what you see here was adapted from code I found at Graphics by Greg. Greg's code is based on fabulous Javascript libraries called prototype and scriptaculous. Oddly, I encountered his stuff and then read a certain amount of the scriptaculous documentation before realising that his script would make most of the card sorts that career developers might need. But there's more power in reserve, in scriptaculous, if we need it.

Making new card sorts involves more tedium than head scratching because it's mainly a matter of changing column headings and column widths, and of course the items that we want clients to sort. If you know how to use (say) macros in Microsoft Word or, better still, some form of scripting language you can make your life much easier.

Oceans of client head space to explore!

PS: I used Wink to make this little video. Fantastic software product.