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Friday, February 27, 2009

Achieving Well-Being

The March issue of The Psychologist magazine is free and available online. I probably wouldn't mention this fact except that the Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman has turned his attention to questions of well-being and offers the following advice in the magazine:

"I can think of three things. First, change the way you use your time. Time is the ultimate finite resource - we should use it as if it is. Second, try to pay attention to the things that make your life better rather than concentrating on the things that make your life worse. And the third I think is to invest your time on activities that you will continue to pay attention to. For example, when people buy a car they imagine themselves driving the car and enjoying it. But most of the time when you actually own the car and are driving it you're not attending to it. However, when you are socialising with friends you are attending to that activity. So there are activities that are attention-rich intrinsically. If there are good activities are attention rich you should work on them - you should try to have a lot of them in your life. I think people don't do that enough."

If you would like to read more of Kahneman's stuff online then look for his stuff on Google Scholar—and consider using my Firefox Greasemonkey script for finding free, online articles easily.