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Monday, February 23, 2009

Employment & Job Finding How-To's

A few days ago Cameron Chapman published a good, healthy list of sites offering tutorials and how-to's on Now while a list like this is useful, it will usually take quite a bit of work to dig out what one wants from the sites it offers on any particular occasion. So I've take the obvious step of embedding most of Chapman's links, with a few more, in a Google "Custom Search" available here.

You might agree with me that, almost everyone on the planet has had something to say about resum├ęs. Nonetheless, I have encountered two or three sites with other kinds of great information and advice for job seekers and career developers that are not in the list covered by this search. If you know of some I would be very grateful to hear of them so that they can be included for the benefit of all.

I will also be including this custom search in the sidebar of this blog and on the indexed job search page. Comments and your notes about experience definitely would be welcome.