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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rokeach Values Sort

I've placed a computer- ised version of Milton Rokeach's values sort on-line which you might find useful for exploratory work with clients. It was more or less finished several weeks ago but I was concerned about the presence of the value labelled "salvation" in one of the lists. I suspect that this term may not be as meaningful in some cultures as it is to, say, Christians. However, with the substitution of some more appropriate value term from a client's own system perhaps the sort will still be of some value.

I would appreciate knowing what you think. Clearly the entire set of values taken together, as well as the way that they are phrased, could be discordant with values systems for some cultures.


Wain said...

Only thing missing is a definition for each of the columns. What is a terminal value and what is an instrumental value. Makes it easier to explain WHY you would ask someone to do this.

Bill Bell said...

Um, Wain, I think we've just improved on a published version of the Rokeach. (I added headings for the columns.)

Kathy said...

A favourite resource, bill. Thought I could drag and move right here in your blog example of Rokeach, but no luck. Help - I would like to demo it tomorrow at the CDC Conference. blog, and as an example of what you will share in your series of open weekends at

Bill Bell said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm thrilled that you would be demonstrating this. To do that please open the following link in a browser:

I regret, this is the only form in which this form of this instrument is available at the moment. Is this what you wanted to know?


Will said...

Please see for another form which includes the Jungian personality survey as well as a test of skill in problem solving.