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Monday, March 23, 2009

Upcoming Open Weekends: On-line Career Assessment

Meant for career developers, job developers, employment counsellors—anyone who does assessments relating to careers—these weekends will be held at starting on each of the following Fridays:

27 March
24 April
22 May
26 June

You are welcome to drop in at any time from 3.00 pm (EST) on the Friday through 3.00 pm on the Sunday. We are, and will be, gathering and discussing on-line assessment instruments that we have found and also looking at (1) how card sorts can be made available as web pages, and (2) depending on interest, how various visual representations can be used to enhance constructivist work.

If you haven't visited with us before then the easiest way of being ready for one of these Fridays is to go to in advance of your planned visit to register so that you have your password ready to use.

Do please join us!