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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The Age of Persuasion": Some Items about Branding

When I do my best work in supporting a client in creating marketing materials it is when we succeed identifying a suitable brand for that client vis à vis a defined set of possible employers. Since this is anything but exact science I doubt that it would be advisable for me to try to construct an algorithm (even if, as a programmer, that always worked for me in the past!). However, it is certainly worth hearing and reading what experts say about brands. Here are three selections from the CBC series, "The Age of Persuasion", that I find interesting.

Reviving the Brand
Six Remarkable Brands
Branding the News

(My thanks, once again, to a friend, DB, for pointing me toward another useful source.)


These are half-hour programmes that are not podcasts. If you want to download them to your computer for transcription to some other medium, here’s one way.
  • Download and install Audacity (it’s free).
  • Set the drop-down box under the mauve button to 'Mono-Mix'.
  • Resize the browser and Audacity windows to share the screen so that you can play the Age of Persuasion audio file and control Audacity.
  • Press the Audacity 'record' button and quickly press the Age of Persuasion 'play' button.
  • Watch the waveform in the windows carefully for a second or two. If it touches the upper and lower edges of the window, or seems very close to the central axis, then try adjusting the speaker slider control to the extreme left of 'Mono-Mix' so that neither of these things occurs.
  • If you needed to adjust the slider control then stop the Age of Persuasion playback, stop the Audacity recording, click on the little 'x' for the waveform to discard the recording just made and then go two steps back.
  • Otherwise just let the recording continue and come back in half an hour to stop Audacity from recording.
  • Save the recording in whatever format you need.
  • Don't forget: If you also use Skype or other products that involve the use of your microphone then you might find that you need to change back from 'Mono-Mix' to 'Microphone'.


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