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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Other Career Development Blogs

If you want to find other readings in the way of career development blogs and similar stuff then here is a pretty good source:

Drop the term "career development" into the edit box and, as of today, receive links to 204 possibilities.

Or, let another search engine,, use your current interests in blogs to suggest additional possibilities. First, launch you news reader and export your collection of feeds as an OPML file, saved to your disc. (Just remember where you've put it, eh.)

In its most basic usage you would just copy the name of that OPML file into the edit box. However, the problem with doing that is that, if you are like me (heaven help you), you probably follow lots of things besides career development, and will offer you blogs relating to those items too. The answer to this is fairly simple. Open the OPML file in a plain editor. Notepad will do (even if the very mention of it makes programmers grimace); but if you have access to a better editor then, by all means, use it. Just don't use MS Word or any other word processor. Use the editor to remove the lines of the OPML file that have nothing to do with career development and save the file. Now copy the name of this file into the box on suggestRSS web page and click 'suggest'.

What I found? I suppose I should not be surprised. Although did suggest some interesting possibilities that I will investigate it seems less able to target precisely on career development given just the OPML than There's some good stuff in there.