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Monday, May 25, 2009

Expanded Jobs Listing for Career Developers

The software now makes a separate search on for each of the titles mentioned in the following Python code snippet, and then consolidates the results for display in the jobs page for CDPs.

for title in [
'career consultant',
'career counsellor',
'career coach',
'career development facillitator',
'career group facillitator',
'career resource centre coordinator',
'case manager',
'employment consultant',
'employment counsellor',
'employment rehabilitation worker',
'employment services assessment officer',
'employment specialist',
'intake coordinator',
'job coach',
'job developer',
'job finding club coordinator',
'job skills counsellor',
'language training instructor',
'outplacement consultant',
'vocational program facillitator',
'vocational rehabilitation consultant',
'vocational support worker',
] :

I gleaned these job titles from those that were being used by employers in the advertisements that were listed before I added to the collection. I suppose it's inevitable that employers will think of even more creative ways of describing what their people do. However, I hope these cover much of the ground. If you think of more please tell me.

Incidentally this added 29 items to the list. Unfortunately several of them relate to software rather than employment or careers. It can be difficult to filter them out in the absence of occupational codes in advertisements.