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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4th Annual Bi-Regional Networking Day (yesterday)

Patti Stirling, Karen Schmidt and Sandra Summerhayes did it again. It was an amazing conference. I just wanted to thank you myself!

Let me also thank Patti Stirling (again) and Ken Walker for the opportunity to speak about this blog to about half of the group at the conference.

To those who were present for Patti and Ken's presentation, here's a sample of what I found waiting for me on Twitter this morning that might be of some value to you:

Embracing new media in your job search
Getting Started with Social Networking

The trick is to choose (and dump) other twitterers mindfully so you don't get overwhelmed.


-- said...

Thanks, Bill. You certainly deserve the opportunity. Your blog is a fantastic (and free) professional development tool!