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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Continuous Supply of Career Development Resources

I have developed a way of receiving lots more notifications about really useless junk about jobs, careers and employment.

Fortunately this has been much more than offset by the number of gems that I have also learned about. In a second or two—depending on how quickly you read—I will mention how I have got them. First a couple of the items that I regard as genuine sparklers:
  • Here's a page from the blog that Tracy Bussoli publishes. This particular blog item describes a set of volumes of advice for certain university graduates. There is also a big collection of sources for PhDs and post-docs looking for jobs. Other stuff too.
  • The page by Lawrence Wilson is, to me, a very useful way of looking at the marketing materials that job seekers should prepare, for what Wilson calls their “campaigns”. I would like to come back to this topic on this blog later.
So, how can you reap this veritable cornucopia? Use Google alert, log in and provide:
  • for search terms
    "career development" OR "career counselling" OR "employment counselling"
  • for type
    Comprehensive, or you might prefer Blog
  • how often
    Daily, or whatever you prefer
  • an email address
Google will create your alert and then display it (all by itself at first) in a list of alerts. At this point you can change it from an email to a feed (RSS) alert, if you prefer. Soon you will start receiving notifications, either by email or in your news reader, about blogs and web sites matching the search terms.

Good hunting!