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Friday, June 12, 2009

Excellent Way to Display "An Artist's Portfolio"

Truth to tell, there really is nothing like showing prospective employers the results that you have produced for previous employers. And it's a big boost to your own morale to be able to review your own triumphs.

I am speaking of the benefits of portfolios. More and more people are now putting them on the net where they are easy to access and don't have to be carried around.

A new product has emerged called jQuery that makes creating galleries of images startlingly easy for anyone with even limited skills in creating web pages. The image in this blog posting is not "live". However, if it were you could:
  • click on either of the arrows at the ends of the display to expose different image thumbnails
  • click on one of the thumbnail images to open a larger version of the image
  • hover over the larger version of the image to expose text describing the image.
The images can be just about anything: graphs, photographs, scans, screen images, and so on. To get the code and see the product in action go here.