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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lovely Way of Studying Wikipedia

I learned about the Wiki Mind Map on 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization this morning. (Of course, I was looking for something else which I have yet to find: that would be my life in one of a set of nutshells.)

This is what you get from Wiki Mind Map when you ask it to map 'career development' from the English version of Wikipedia. The article is pretty limited. Many significant individuals in the field are unmentioned. Almost nothing is said about approaches, theories, training, and so on. Overall, there are few connections with sources which relate to occupational classifications or other areas of wikipedia itself. In fact the article seems to be slanted towards one particular sense of meaning of the title term.

Undiscouraged, however, and with a new toy to play with, I decided to poke around. The double green arrows represent topics that can be made the foci, or centres, of new mind maps. I picked on the double arrow for 'career'. This time the Wiki Mind Map provided me with links that included those labelled 'Career Assessments', 'Career Counseling' and 'Career Counselors'.

At this point in time, when you follow the link for Career Counselor you are re-directed to the article entitled Employment Counselor, whose first sentence in the article states, "An employment counsellor, also known as a career development professional, advises, coaches, provides information to, and supports people who are planning, seeking and managing their life/work direction." In other words, although many of us in this occupational category would consider career counselling and employment counselling to be somewhat different occupations wikipedia lumps them together. Considering that I have yet to explore the treatment of the term "job developer" in wikipedia, assuming that it is mentioned at all, it appears to me that this collection of related articles is due for careful restructuring and improvement.

But the Wiki Mind Map itself is great, right?