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Saturday, July 18, 2009

International Association of Employment Websites

Answering a question on LinkedIn this morning took me to the jobs site to review their policy about where they obtain the jobs that they index. I don’t know how long eluta has been a member of the International Association of Employment Websites. I am delighted that they are now; otherwise I would not likely have encountered this great source.

The site makes its member roster publicly available. More than that, it’s easy to obtain listings of members by industry or geographical area. This is the Canadian listing which (at this point in time) consists of 24 job sites. If these are all as open and responsible as eluta appears to be to me then I would expect them to be amongst the best in this country.

If you’re like me (heaven help you) you might even enjoy reading some of the tips for job seekers and recruiters. One of the tips for recruiters is brutally apposite: it is that the ‘best and brightest’ have the attention spans of gnats and that one should get to the point. (Love it!)


Ken Walker said...

Thanks for the information, Bill!

Bill Bell said...

You're very welcome, Ken. I hope it helps you help your clients.

Ken Walker said...

I've added the link to the JHS Employment Services blog too, Bill. Thanks again.