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Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

First of all, exploit all of the tips available at “How To ‘Maximize’ The Potential of LinkedIn”. It's an excellent article.

  • See my postings here and here about the specifics of selecting a good LinkedIn public profile URL.
  • When you visit your LinkedIn profile take note of the green BlogLink widget. Use it to make your own blog postings appear in your LinkedIn profile. Get extra mileage!
  • Career Development Practitioners should note that there is a CDP group on LinkedIn as well as the Career Professionals Network. If you have more specialised interests then you can easily create your own group, perhaps one for your own geographical area. The beauty of this is that any group on LI is permeable. When you network with someone in your own area the benefits for the two of you permeate beyond the group of which you are both members.
If you notice other ways of using LI I hope you will comment here.


C. L. Cotton said...

Thanks for the article on push/pull marketing, Bill. Adding it as resource in Conestoga Practicum Seminar course. What would I do without you? Thanks.

Bill Bell said...

Heh, Carole! You're welcome. Come to think of it, when most people say, "What would we do without you?" I can't help suspecting sardonic wit.

Take care, eh?