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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Just Thought It Was ...

This is the famous Bell Curve. (I am very proud of it because it was named in my honour.) Whole armies of mathematicians have amused themselves devising demonstrations of the fact that, in many circumstances random variables must assume values drawn from a Bell Curve.

For example, within limits it can be said that IQ tests are constructed in such a way that the distribution of IQs follow a bell curve centred on a score of 100. This simply means that more people have a score of around 100 than any other score, and therefore about half of the human race have IQ scores in the three-digit range, that is, more than 100. (I would prefer to believe that I have a three-digit IQ. My wife refuses to believe this.)

Not only can intelligence be said to follow a bell curve. Many other significant human characteristics do as well. Not just weights and heights. In consequence one's individuality is reflected in the way that one uses every facility and tool available.

Take blogs and Twitter as examples.

My initial reaction to Twitter was probably like that of most other people. I thought it was just more junk. In fact, depending on who one chooses to 'follow' I still think so. But once I learned how to find people that interest me I became enthralled.

To come back to the original thrust of this item, there's a bell curve. When you encounter something new on the 'net you can be fooled into concluding that it's junk, or you can reason that, because there's an enormous spread in human values, ingenuity and interests, somewhere there are people with just the right characteristics to make something really useful of that new product.

I've found that TweetBeep is a good way of finding tweeps (peeps who Twitter) who share an interest in career development (use 'career development' as search key). I've also learned a thing or two about attitudes to what we do.

Did you know that Margaret Atwood joined Twitter a few weeks ago? (She's packing for a book tour starting at the end of the month.) What a different perspective I have of her having read her tweets!

Credit: wikipedia for the diagram.