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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jobs Listing for Career Developers: Update

This note reports one correction and one modification that was made to keep up with changes to one of the sources. It also includes a summary of what records are gleaned from each of the sources.
  1. For quite some time the links associated with jobs from were mislabelled. I have corrected that and they are now labelled with job titles (at last!).
  2. Charity Village changed the way they present their jobs and other information. I have modified the machinery used to obtain their jobs listings accordingly.
  3. Here are details about what advertisements are collected from each source:
    • ContactPoint: All jobs are collected.
    • Job Skills: All jobs are collected.
    • Job Bank: All and only NOC 4213 jobs are collected.
    • Jobs with the following search terms in their titles are collected:
      career consultant,
      career counsellor,
      career coach,
      career development facillitator,
      career group facillitator,
      career resource centre coordinator,
      case manager,
      employment consultant,
      employment counsellor,
      employment rehabilitation worker,
      employment services assessment officer,
      employment specialist,
      intake coordinator,
      job coach,
      job developer,
      job finding club coordinator,
      job skills counsellor,
      language training instructor,
      outplacement consultant,
      vocational program facillitator,
      vocational rehabilitation consultant,
      vocational support worker,
    • Career Professionals: All jobs are collected.
    • Charity Village: Jobs with the following words in their titles are collected: job, career, employment, vocational.
There are lots of other places in Canada where these kinds of jobs are advertised. Some jobs are advertised in more than one place. I conclude that I would have to be very foolish indeed to guarantee that my list, or any other list, will produce reliable, let alone guaranteed results, eh? It's just meant to help.

If you know of other good, fat, juicy lists, don't hold back. Let us all know. Likewise, if you can think of more keywords that I should be using.

In any case, good hunting!
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