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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Many College & University Grads Make Lousy Incomes

I speak of Canadian college and university graduates. According to a StatCan article that seems to have been released within the past few days:

“International comparisons show that, compared to other major OECD countries, Canada had the highest percentage of college- and university-educated workers who earned less than half of the national median employment income in 2006. International indicators showed that 18% of university-educated adults and 23% of college-educated adults aged 25 to 64 in Canada earned less than half the national median employment income in 2006. This meant that these workers’ annual earnings were less than $16,917 before taxes and transfers.”[1]

We don't seem to know why the earnings of these people are so low or, therefore, what might be done about that. Clearly it's extremely important that we try to find out.

[1]College and university graduates with low earnings in Canada – Demographic and labour market characteristics


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