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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Professional Appearance

Actually I wasn't thinking of pin-striped suits and neckties.


We all sense that email addresses like or might not present clients in the best possible light on résumés. Consequently we usually send clients with these addresses off to in search of something a little more suitable. I did that too until a few days ago when I tried helping a client to a gmail address and was reminded just how many John Smiths there are on this planet.

Fortunately this led me to the discovery that there are currently 18 free email services listed at the article. I was able to find one for my client on

Just a word about that article: The first time or two you use it you might try going over some of the descriptions of the various services with the client. If your clients are anything like mine then expect blank stares in response to terms like IMAP and RSS. Thus, although the articles criticisms are probably valid, they apply more to sophisticated folk and for the great mass of job search clients they probably matter less than basic functionality—and the availability of a presentable email address.


My LinkedIn profile is That nice neat ending consisting of the formal version of my name was not accidental. Neither was this what LinkedIn assigned to me automatically. I selected that.

Believe it or not, I checked just a few moments ago and found that

is still available. (What are the odds that there are no John Smiths on LinkedIn!)

Chances are that you can claim a 'good' LinkedIn profile URL too. Try various versions of the 'john smith' URL in your browser's address bar, substituting various forms of your own name for the 'john smith', until LinkedIn reports 'Profile Not Found'. That's your new profile URL! Make a copy of the complete URL, go immediately to edit your LinkedIn profile and edit your public profile URL by pasting that copy in.