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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Building a Better Job Feed: and Together

First of all, I'm indebted to Bryan Webb for making me a little more aware of what people want from job sites(!): (a) They would rather search two than ten! (b) eluta and indeed make one good choice of those two. Let me show you how to make a feed that combines the results from these two sites. You can have your feed either in the form of email or as RSS suitable for, say, the Google Reader.

You'll need a Yahoo! login. With that you can go to Yahoo! Pipes where you can create a pipe that looks like this.

For now just select the two YQL modules and the Union module and connect them with the Pipe Output module. Now open the advanced search form in a separate tab or window. Indicate the types of job advertisements required and where those jobs must be, then click on 'Find Jobs'. Right-click on the RSS feed button and use the menu to copy the underlying link. Now return to the pipes display and copy the eluta URL into the YQL module and add the remainder of the YQL statement (the "select *" stuff and the enclosing double quotes). Now open the advanced search form and do the same thing with its RSS feed URL in the pipes display. You now have a complete pipe that combines and

Make a trial run of your new pipe and save it. You can now go back to your page of feeds and can elect to add your new pipe, as a feed, to your chosen feed reader. However, if you do not use a feed reader just proceed now to process your feed with FeedBurner.

Open FeedBurner in a separate tab or window. Copy your feed from your Pipes display page into the FeedBurner box labelled "Burn a feed right this instant." and follow the remaining steps. You now have a source of email that combines alerts for your choice of jobs, for the geographical area you selected.