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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Job Descriptions Out of Thin Air

About twenty-five years ago I was assigned to write a suite of job descriptions for the software personnel that would double the size of the unit of which I was a member. Expecting some kind of iterative process I consulted the best references I could find at the time and submitted a draft version. Need I say that I was a little surprised that I should have heard nothing more about the job descriptions until we started interviewing for the positions some months later—especially since they carried salaries ranging to about $70,000 per annum?

If you are wondering why I mention this it is because I want to emphasise that many employers radically underestimate the slippery nature of the human side of their enterprises. Quite literally they can be fighting unfair dismissal litigation one moment then repeating the hiring practices that doomed them to failure the next. I emphasise this because we, as job seekers and career developers, need tactics and strategies for circumventing the follies of a great many employers.

One thing that a person can do is to find out what an employer actually needs from an employee to consider that employee a success (the job description will not tell you), and to tell the world (honestly) what you do successfully. If you want some guidance then here's a place to read more.
I'm indebted to Peter Giblett, a contact on LinkedIn and Plaxo, for making me aware of this article.


Parul said...

Gr8!!!! I want to publish this story of yours in my story section of a job portal to inspire first job seekers and students

Bill Bell said...

Hello Parul!

Please feel free to do that.