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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A More Efficient Form of, II

In a recent posting I showed how to build a composite feed consisting of three job feeds from for Hamilton, Niagara Falls and St Catha-rines, Ontario with duplicate ads filtered out. Then I used Yahoo! Alerts to generate emails in place of the output from the RSS feed.

Somebody on LinkedIn told me that he doesn't like using Yahoo! Alerts (for reasons I won't go into here), which led me to explore other ways of turning RSS feeds into email. I had long forgotten FeedBurner but it actually yields a more elegant solution in combination with a web page. I used Google sites to host the thingy that FeedBurner makes. The advantage is that there is no need for copying anything from one web page to another. The user just registers heris email address with the FeedBurner page. This is how it appears.

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