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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Career Constructivism: Scaffolding

Reading a recent blog item, “You've been framed”, by Professor Steve Wheeler of the University of Plymouth has helped me to clarify some ideas about how constructivism works in career development.

Builders erect scaffolding to enable themselves to complete buildings. By analogy, constructivist educators say that they build scaffolding around ideas that are new to students to help those students to come to grips with them. The human race as a whole would make no progress, however, if we needed someone to build scaffolding for us in order to learn something new about the world. Obviously, therefore, we are all, one way or another, building scaffolding for ourselves.

As career developers we cannot know much about who our clients are or what they might become. We are not experts in that sense. Moreover, there are no plans for these “buildings” and it is no part of our responsibility to provide blueprints. However, we can try to follow what they are expressing closely enough to assist with useful scaffolding so that the client can create the edifice for him or herself.

Interesting enough I think.