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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Psychological Therapy, II

A couple of months ago I mentioned information about empirically supported psychotherapeutic methods. For anyone interested here's a discussion I found interesting as a recording on the American NPR site.

Professor Diane Chambless made one point that I think is important for career developers as well as psychotherapists. It is that we should maintain records that make it possible for us to discern the varying levels of success achievable using various techniques that we practise, complemented with information obtained from our clients. I notice that some school teachers are already doing this.

Professor Richard McFall made a point in favour of empirical support, citing the importance of efficiency as one possible attribute of a superior treatment. A few years ago I met a psychological group facillitator who said that he had previously been in a form of talk therapy for fifteen years. He strongly suggested that we all follow his example. Even as he was making his suggestion I wondered how one was meant to cope with life’s frequent exigencies waiting for the blessing of a cure. We need therapies that work quickly, if possible.

And, I almost forgot, here is the page with the discussion: The Science of Clinical Psychology (broadcast Friday, December 4th, 2009).

I am again indebted to psydir for pointing this out.