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Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Good Is LinkedIn?

Although I spend quite a bit of my own time on LinkedIn I suspect that there is considerable truth to this video.

The only real use I make of LinkedIn is as a source of questions. I enjoy trying to work up worthwhile answers. My principal criticism of LinkedIn, conditioned on my own use of it, is that it holds the copyrights to questions and answers.

I saw this video at Grincheux, aux barricades!. See Harold Jarche at The Curmudgeon’s Manifesto for further comment about how we should own and share what we do on the ‘net.


Harold Jarche said...

For some reason, I can't see the video on your post. Maybe it's just my browser settings; FYI.

Bill Bell said...

Thanks, Harold. I wish I could suggest something. I've just tried the video on FF3.5.5, Chrome3.0.195.33 and IE8.0.6001.18702. All seem fine.

Harold Jarche said...

It seems that using Adobe Connect this morning screwed up all my flash settings :-(