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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finding Colleagues on LinkedIn

With a membership of over 50 million LinkedIn is a big source of potential networking candidates and groups for you. How can you identify some of them?

Using Google it's actually amazingly easy, and I'm indebted to other members of the Boolean Strings group on LinkedIn for making me aware of this.

Remember two formulae: (inurl:pub | inurl:in) -intitle:directory {additional search phrases} inurl:groups -intitle:directory {additional search phrases}

The unitilalicised parts are invariant. You just add the words and phrases that indicate what you want in a given instance.

  1. I'm an engineer and I would like to know if there are any groups of engineers in Ontario or Canada with interests similar to my own with whom I might kill some time. No problem: (inurl:pub | inurl:in) -intitle:directory engineer ( Ontario | Canada )

    There seem to be about 40. Incidentally I put in both 'Ontario' and 'Canada' with the or operator (the vertical bar) because it is possible that some Canadian groups welcome Ontario engineers without mentioning that fact.
  2. I'm a career developer and I would like to find as many others as possible. The usual agony awaits you here because we are known by a variety of job titles. However, here's the basic search string: (inurl:pub | inurl:in) -intitle:directory "career developer" (Canada|Ontario)

    This yields about 30. The phrase "job developer" yields about 450!
At any rate you get the idea.


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