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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jobs Listing for Career Developers: Update

The link for the jobs listing is made available in the righthand column of this blog. Software that I built and maintain generates the listing on an almost daily schedule from the following web sources. Here are some more of the details.

At Work

Detail: Gathers all jobs from this source.

Career Professionals

Detail: Gathers all jobs from this source.

Charity Village

Detail: Performs one search on Charity Village on each of the following terms:

job, career, employment, vocational.

Then discards duplicates.

Contact Point

Detail: Gathers all jobs from this source.

Detail: Performs one search on on each of the following terms:

career consultant, career counselor, career counsellor, career coach, career development facilitator, career development facillitator, career group facilitator, career group facillitator,
career resource centre coordinator, case manager, employment consultant, employment counselor, employment counsellor, employment rehabilitation worker, employment services assessment officer, employment specialist, intake coordinator, job coach, job developer,
job finding club coordinator, job skills counselor, job skills counsellor, language training instructor, outplacement consultant, vocational program facilitator, vocational program facillitator, vocational rehabilitation consultant, vocational support worker.

Then discards duplicates.

Job Bank

Detail: Gathers all jobs from this source.

Job Skills

Detail: Gathers all jobs from this source.

Note that the software makes no attempt to discard duplicates across these sources (only within sources). I know that there are sites and cities that are unrepresented. If you can help us all by providing information about other sites or by suggesting keywords or key phrases that should be included then please do so. If you have any questions please ask.


Affrica said...

Thanks for such a great tips. These tips would be more useful for the people to improve communication skills and to improve other skills. By the way I have learnt the E-learning courses from which helped me to develop my career.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
I'm a CDP in training at SFU in BC.
I'm also from the IT side like you.
If it is at all possible can you describe to me in detail how you fed your data sources and filtered...the programming particulars.

Ryan Bouffard
I'm at ryan.cdp at